Aviation Repair Solutions provides complete repair management services to accomplish repairs of aviation piece parts. We perform hard chrome plating, precision grinding, and non-destructive testing processes in-house and also manage the completion of other repair processes such as nickel plating, shot peening, passivation, and other specialized processes through an experienced network of FAA certified local companies. Since many repairs call for utilization of several processes, our ability to keep parts moving through each process is a critical factor in meeting our customer's turn-around time expectations. Since we are 100% focused on satisfying the commercial aviation marketplace, we know that your expectations for quality and turn-around time must be met.

Repair processes include:
Chrome (AMS-QQ-C-320 Class 2, AMS 2406 REV K+, BAC 5709 REV T+, DPS 9.71 REV. W +)
Precision Grinding (Mil-STD 866, BAC 5032, DPS 4.601)
    Inner Diameter
    Outer Diameter
Chemical Conversion Coatings (AMS-C-5541)
Non-Destructive Testing
    Liquid Penetrant
    Magnetic Particle
Shot Peen
Nickel (EN and Sulfamate)


Some of these processes are performed by our FAA certified supplier network.

We provide warranty coverage of one year for the complete repair. All work is done on a best effort basis. Preventable defects will be reworked but base metal defects are as-is. All parts are presumed scrap unless they are successfully repaired. If a repairable part is scrapped by our facility the customer will receive consideration of no more than our overhaul price.